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About Wave4u SEO Tools

This is a collection of tools that I use on a daily basis to manage clients Search Engine Optimization campaigns and Search Engine Marketing. This is the equivelent to having Quick Books Online for SEO and SEM. 

Even if you have someone else do your marketing for your this is a great way to stay on top of all the tools that they are using and consolidate your campaign information into one area.

10 Tools to cick start your business today.

This is what every business owner should know about internet marketing, SEO, SEM and converting traffic to sales.
Wave4u will bring you through step by step and give you the tools, training and we will hold your hand through the learning process.
If you have ever said to yourself or someone I wish I just understood what these sales and marketing guys were talking about this course is for you.

DO NOT get board with a bunch of articles, we walk you through with video training from the very basics to the complex. We follow up with you keeping track of the information that is important to your marketing and build upon what you have done in previous modules. This all comes together as a system that brings you Step-by-Step to refine your marketing message, and delivery of that message.